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Aldi Friendly Farms Whole Milk

(Out of whole milk for this photo - plus, I'd already used a little bit!)

BEVERAGE REVIEW - Aldi Friendly Farms 2% Milk (see below to add your own review)
Rating (10=excellent, 1=better look elsewhere) 10
Pros great price, as always
Cons Not a variety of sizes, i.e., whole and nonfat only come in gallon sizes. The 1/2 gallon sizes cost about the same as the gallons.
Features whole, 2% (reduced fat), 1% (lowfat), skim (nonfat); no artificial growth hormones
Bottom Line can't beat the price, it will even go on sale occasionally, for about $.10 less
Special Buy? No
Price Paid $1.79 (1/2 gal 1%), 3/31/11; $1.99 (1/2 gal 2%) 3/5/11; $1.99 (gallon skim), 12/15/10; $1.89 (gallon whole), 10/21/10)
ALDI-love Review I don't actually drink milk. I'll use it for baking or other recipes. For a while, I was making homemade kefir. But I'll still buy milk around the holidays and freeze what I don't need. I also always keep a box of nonfat powdered in the freezer to have on hand when I don't have fresh. The everyday price is great, it's free of the hormones, and it's always fresh and cold. What else can you ask of cows milk?!

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