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Breaded Veal Patties

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36 oz. box has 9 patties; cook from frozen, veal is only meat used




Nine (9) 4 oz. patties, minimal additives, seasoned with Italian style herbs, spices and cheese; 17 g fat, 22 g carbohydrates, 490 g sodium

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Great for a quick and easy meal

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$6.99 (10/17/10)

ALDI-love Review

Love, love, LOVE these.   Can be baked, pan-fried (best and fastest method), or grilled.  I cook mine in a skillet at a lower heat than the box suggests.  It takes a few minutes longer, of course, but I can use less oil.  Then I cover and cook on low for an additional two minutes to make sure they're fully cooked.  These are tasty "as-is," but here's my favorite quick and easy recipe.

  • pan-fry veal patties
  • spoon on a tablespoon or two Reggano Traditional Premium Pasta Sauce
  • cover with wax paper and heat in microwave on high for 30-45 seconds
  • sprinkle with Reggano 100% Real Parmesan & Romano grated cheese blend

Presto - a fast and delicious parmigiano.

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