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Boulder Heavy Duty Trash Bags

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20-count with twist ties

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good quality, economically priced

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$2.49 (9/28/10)

ALDI-love Review

Believe me, I've bought plenty of cheap trash bags in my time. Only in the last couple of years have I tried to stay away from the tried and true, in my case, Glad. But being a lover of all (at least most) things Aldi, I figured I've give these a try. I don't normally need the heavy duty, so these should last a long time. And because of their strength and the fact that I won't have to double-bag, they should last for a while. These bags have a slightly dull, charcoal finish. The opening doesn't stick like some bargain brands. I feel confident that I won't have problems with leaking and breakage. These bags have made me a believer to the point that I think I'll give the 13-gallon a try.

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