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no more buckets and mops; don't have to buy ammonia or floor cleaners - all you need is tap water (and electricity!)

not cordless (are there any cordless steam mops?); cost of replacement cloths

2 year warranty; carpet glider attachment; 2 microfiber cloths (order form for replacement cloths)

Sanitizes floors without harsh chemicals.


$39.99 (3/13/11)

I have a lot of resilient flooring in my house. Although my laundry room is on the main floor, my utility sink is in the basement. I would use three buckets and three mops in order to clean all the floors. What a pain - needless to say, the floors didn't get cleaned as often as I would have liked. I was on the lookout for a steam mop and I knew that Aldi carried one. I just had to wait for the special offer.

I have to say that cleaning my floors is a lot easier now. But there are shortcomings. The biggest drawback is the cord (are cordless models available?). It's not very long and so my outlet choices are limited. In a small room (i.e., bathroom), no problem. I have to plug-in twice in my family room. Even still, I have to either yank out the cord or walk across my clean, still damp floor to unplug.

Because I'm cleaning several rooms, it would be nice to have a couple of extra microfiber cloths (the cloths can NOT go in dryer), which can be ordered, but I think they are a bit pricey ($12.00 for two).

The carpet glider attachment is supposed to sanitize and help remove spots from carpeted areas. I only have two carpeted rooms and I haven't tried it the attachment yet. Though I think I might attempt to sanitize a small area rug.

I'll stick with this mop for a while. It appears to get my floors clean (I run a white sock across it for a couple of days after cleaning). I do think that I'll want to upgrade at some point, to a model with more features.

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