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Gardenline 6-pc Patio Set

patio set

SPORTS & OUTDOORS PRODUCTS REVIEW - 6 pc Patio Set (see below to add your own review)

Rating (10=excellent, 1=better look elsewhere) 10


other than the separately sold umbrella base, you get an entire set for just 99 bucks


not rustproof, but that can be fixed


4 chairs (with 3 seating positions); 7" tilting umbrella; round glass-top table; flat box fits SUV and most hatchbacks; 2 year warranty

Bottom Line

exceptional value for the price

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$99.99 (5/09)

ALDI-love Review

If you've priced patio sets lately, you've probably experienced some sticker shock. I decided to give this one a try because of the price and I have not been disappointed.

Going into the 3rd summer of use, there is a very small amount of rust on a couple of the chairs. It is barely visible and could probably have been eliminated entirely had I treated with Rustoleum before use.

The flat box was just a tad too big for the back seat opening in my Corolla, but an Aldi employee helped me open the box and take everything out. Then it was easy to get everything in the car. This will be my third summer with this set. It stays on the deck for the entire season and then gets stored in my (unheated) garage. It stills looks as good as it did when I first got it.

Gardenline offers accessories, like the umbrella base and lights (I have both but haven't used the lights yet for some reason). They also have a matching 4-pc conversational set that I really want - two chat chairs, lovseat and coffee table - for just $179.99 as of this writing.

Again, an exceptional value overall.

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