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Aldi Crane Mini Trampoline

mini trampoline

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Rating (10=excellent, 1=better look elsewhere) 10


great price, sturdy




optional safety rails included; workout DVD; flat packed; easy to assemble

Bottom Line

a quick, fun, convenient workout that provides a welcome change from your usual routine.

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Price Paid

less than $40 ($34.99?)(date unknown)

ALDI-love Review

It came flat-packed to fit nicely in the back seat of my car (Corolla). I usually keep mine in my home office to use on breaks; just set a timer and jump around for a while. Which is a little harder than it sounds. I was out of breath after a couple of minutes. But it's not hard to build up to longer workouts. It can be stored upright againt a wall or in a closet and you can sort of "roll" it on its side from room to room.

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