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Magic Bullet Clone -  Aldi Blending Machine

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price, convenience


no information regarding replacement cups or blades; don't know if interchangeable with Magic Bullet cups


power base (2 modes: Pulse and Lock-on), four drinking mugs (rings can be removed); 1 short and one tall cups; two blades (cross for chopping, grating and flat for grinding); juice extractor; lids for storing; shaker and steamer tops; 2 year warranty; instruction book with recipes

Bottom Line

Does what I need it to do and keeps me from spending money on expensive alternatives (almond flour, powdered sugar).

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$24.99 (1/06/10)

ALDI-love Review

I love my extreme blending machine. I use it almost daily.  I make a great balsamic vinegar salad dressing in literally 2 minutes (3:1 ratio of extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegar, add sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. If using for a steak salad, I like to add a little lime juice). I also: grind nuts (almond flour (cheap!)), , make oat flour, powdered sugar (or, in my case, sugar alcohols), beat eggs for scrambling or omelets, make smoothies. There are four mugs with "comfort" rings; you can remove the rings and then the lids screw on for storage. Even though I've had mine for a couple of years, I have yet to use the juice extractor, nor have I ever used the blending machine cups in the microwave. If you have, please let us know how it worked.

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