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Aldi Crofton Deluxe 6 Cup Food Processor

food processor

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Rating (10=excellent, 1=better look elsewhere) 8


price, capacity


only two blade attachments; cannot adjust slice thicknes


6-cup; two blades, slicing and shredding (not sure how many and types of blades are typical); 2-year limited warranty, no frills (no dough attachment, no crinkle cuts)

Bottom Line

Can handle everyday tasks; especially good for large quantities; great for mincing meat

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$19.99 (7/14/10)

ALDI-love Review

The first time I used this appliance was by accident. I had purchased it the week before (remember, it's a "get-it-while-you-can" affair at Aldi). My mother had insisted on making spaghetti for our family reunion Friday welcome dinner. After much drama (we now refer to this time in our lives as the spaghetti trauma), those plans were scrapped on Thursday afternoon. I had already bought several bags of frozen meatballs which were now thawed. I decided to make a baked penne pasta dish since I had sauce, cheese and meatballs.  I was hard at work chopping the meatballs with a knife and cutting board and thinking there has GOT to be an easier way when I remembered I had purchased this appliance.

I pulled it out and that baby made fast work of mincing those meatballs.  The meatballs were already seasoned and, with a little improvising, I was able to turn out a fantastic baked penne pasta.

I've used it for grating apples for my oatmeal (easy rinse when done). I usually use my Extreme Blending Machine (Aldi's Magic Bullet knock-off) to make almond flour, but here are my results with the food processor (fairly coarse for a cheesecake crust, could have pulsed a couple of more times to get a finer texture).

Subsequently, I had another try chopping green onions that didn't go so well. I've also tried to make sweet potato chips.  But they were paper thin.  I don't believe you can adjust the thickness of slices. If so, I haven't figured it out.

I honestly haven't used this item much.  I just always wanted a food processor; it's my first, and I can't think of enough to do with it.

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4 - Worked fine until nub broke 
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