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Aldi Willow Facial Tissue

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Rating (10=excellent, 1=better look elsewhere) 9
Pros 2-ply, soft, strong
Cons none
Features 2-ply; 200 count
Bottom Line good tissue at good everyday price
Special Buy? No
Price Paid $1.19 (4/04/11)
ALDI-love Review I'm sort of a tissue snob, if that's possible. Actually, to be as frugal (read cheap) as I am, there are still certain items that give me pause. I don't like to experiment too much with paper products, especially plastic wrap, aluminum foil and facial tissues. I've had some disappointing experiences with plastic wrap and foil sticking to the tube on the edges and not cutting cleanly.

When it comes to tissue, I'm a Puffs girl. A lot of brands are rough and/or fall apart, but I'm kind of liking Willow.

The test is that I usually have to look at the box to remember that I'm not using Puffs. And, for me, that's a good thing.

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